Dell 2950 dimm configuration

What exactly am I sacrificing in not maintaining equality in all 8 slots?
Do you have these memory in stock?
Notice: If you remove your original memory modules from the system during a memory upgrade, keep them separate from any new memory modules that you may have, even if you purchased the new memory modules from.Edit: adding two more chips is not possible (thanks murisonc would it be advisable to install 4x4GB (0r 8GB) chips, rather than sticking with 2GB across-the-board (as the manual recommends)?Generic memory suppliers do not ensure memory compatibility.Use only qualified Fully-Buffered dimms (FBDs).Each branch consists of two channels: Channel 0 and channel 1 are in branch.Use only 533 MHz or 667 MHz DDR II FB-dimms.How much memory does the Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server take?

For best system performance, all four, or eight FBDs should be identical memory size, speed, and technology.Channel 2 contains dimm_3, dimm_7.When you place an order with us, it goes through a 3-step process 1) Memory Compatibility Check 2) Memory Quality Check 3) Quality Shipment Packaging.FBDs marked with a 1R are single-ranked and modules marked with a 2R are dual-ranked.Loading PowerEdge 2950 Memory, Please Wait.We make sure the memory you receive is top roulette spielen kostenlos online quality and 100 compatible with your Server.We have fast and cheap shipping options available.Check all the shipping options and rates we provide.Server Memory Installation Video, more Questions?Channel 1 contains dimm _2, dimm_6.Channel 3 contains dimm _4, dimm.If you have any issues, we provide you with a life-time replacement warranty.Our customers can't be wrong.You can upgrade your Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server to up to a maximum memory capacity of 32GB Memory.I currently have 4x2GB in slots 1-4, and would like to use 2x8GB n slots 5/6, leaving room for future upgrades.
Check PowerEdge 2950 Server compatible memory.