Paperboard roulette

paperboard roulette

40 media AND photography.20.90 Other photographic activities ( photomicrography, microfilm services, restoration and retouching of photographs, etc.).
44 passenger transportation group.39.04 international passenger transport by road (bus, etc.
Furnitures 75 plastics.73.15 Wholesale trade of plastic door, windows and there frames, door sills, blinds, jalousie, stors and similar products 75 plastics.73.17 Wholesale trade of plastic prefabs and construction elements 75 plastics.76.04 Wholesale trade of primary phase of plastic and rubber (.Included).54.01 Retail sale of household appliances and small electric household appliances (fridge, washing machine, water heater, fan, oven, toaster, food processor, etc.).Included).38.05 Wholesale trade services of homogenised food, dietetic food products (baby food, diet foods, sports nutrition, etc.).Excluding electrical signalisation for roads etc.) 55 machinery.20.52 Insatallation servives for fabrication metal products ( including the installation services of steam generators and installation of metal pipe systems in industry facilities, excluding central heating hot water boiling, machines and equipments 55 machinery.20.53 Installation.) (excluding woven textile, paper and paperboard, pinned abrasives ).91.02 Manufacturing of abrasives attached with textile fabric, paper and paperboard.99.01 Manufacture of products made of asphalt and similar materials (including felt used for making roofs and insulating against water).99.02 Manufacturing og mineral.Passenger transportation group professional group code professional group name nace code nace activity name 44 passenger transportation group.10.01 Intercity passenger transport by rail 44 passenger transportation group.31.01 Transport by rail, metro, tram, and so on as well as urban and suburban passenger transport.
25.94.01 Manufacturing of non-grooved connection materials from iron steel and copper (washers, rivets, wedge base pins, cotter pins, etc.).94.02 Manufacture of connection materials, products made of iron, steel or copper (rivets, cotter pins, cotters, etcç).99.01 Manufacturing of table and kitchenwares made from iron.
(except all-textile products and orthopedic shoes as well as skiing shoes) 19 shoes group.20.17 manufacture of plastic or rubber shoes, boots, boots, postal, slippers, and.

(financial leasing not included).29.01 Renting wedding dresses, costumes, textile products, clothing, footwear and jewelery (financial leasing not included).29.02 Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods not elsewhere classified rangement roulette sous escalier (furniture, electrical and electronic tools, books, TVs, cameras, plants, and so on included;.(including CNC ones).12.21 Maintence and repairment of filtering or cleaning machines and apparatus for liquids.12.27 Maintence and repairment of cutter home appliances amd hand appliances (printing guillotine, bandsaw, handsaw, spud, harvester, etc.(textiles, excluding orthopedic shoes and ski boots) 19 shoes group.20.18 manufacture of shoes, boots, slippers, and.Aquaculture, fisheries AND hunting materials professional group code professional group name nace code nace activity name 06 fishing AND hunting materials.11.01 Fishing in marine areas and coastal waters (including purse seine fishing) 06 fishing AND hunting materials.11.02 Shellfish (mussels, lobster, etc.)., Molluscs and.21 personal care beauty saloons DRY cleaning AND other activities.99.04 The activities of associations and unions for the protection of animals that require membership (animal protection association, etc.).26 household appliances group.43.09 wholesale of radio, television, video and DVD equipment (radio and TV equipment, including antennas for cars) 26 household appliances group.43.10 Wholesale trade services of photographic products (flashing lights, photographic emulsions, polarizing material, photographic plates and film, etc.).28 electronics.29.06 Maintenance and repair of musical instruments (including piano tuning).68.31.01 Real estate agency services (property sale, purchase and leasing brokerage, etc.03 agricultural RAW material intermediaries AND professionals IN THE cotton tobacco AND spice sectors.27.02 Tea cultivation (black tea, green tea, yerba mate, etc.).46.43.11 wholesale of optical goods (glasses, watches and glasses, binoculars, etc.).Works) (for mining, except those of) 68 contractors FOR construction AND infrastructure.12.02 The preparation of mining sites (includes tunneling, with the exception of oil and gas fields) 68 contractors FOR construction AND infrastructure.29.03 Constructing and installing heat, sound or vibration insulation at work(including.(excluding cologne) 20 cosmetics.42.04 manufacture of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, hair straightening products and permanent wave products, hair lotions, hair dyes, and.46.77.01 Wholesales of scarp metal (paper, glass, plastic and.From the original (master) copies).10.10 Manufacture of coke oven [email protected] poker products out of lignite and peat (Including the manufacture of coke and semi-coke, retort carbon, tar, pitch and pitch coke, etc.
26 household appliances group.90.01 Non-specialized wholesale trade (wholesale trade of various commodities) (excluding wholesale trade in another country) 26 household appliances group.43.01 Retail sale of audio and video devices and their components in specialized stores (radio, television, stereo, radio, DVD player, mp3 player.
38 books stationery office equipment AND toys.18.01 brokers that carry out wholesales on a fee or contract basis of games and toys, sports equipment, bicycles, books, newspapers, magazines, stationery items, musical instruments, watches and jewelery, photographic and optical instruments 38 books stationery office equipment.