Poker sit n go strategy

Your Sit and Go basic training.
You don't want to "limp" into the money. .In the early stages of a sit-and-go you'd like to avoid large-scale confrontations. .With the blinds rising to 10 or more of your starting stack literally in a matter of minutes players are forced to make almost every future decision with the blinds in mind.The Home Stretch: Sit and Go strategy for heads-up play If youve made it to heads-up play get ready to start stacking those bits and bytes.You will take whats rightfully yours from the donk in seat 4!Try to slowly accumulate chips with blind steals and small raises.The average stack is just over 20 BBs.You have 9 9 in the big blind.You should absolutely: Make an effort to raise more often poker gestion bankroll preflop Make continuation bets on the flop Steal the blinds more often Not be concerned about running the table as the chip leader Playing small ball unless youve got a premium hand Ideally, you will.You're in the big blind with 6,500 (after posting your blind).He re-raises me to about 1,600 and I go over the top and put him all-in.
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One of the first things you should change when playing SNG tournaments rather than cash games is to tighten-up, especially during the early stages.

After the bubble has burst the remaining players are all in the money, and you must now change your strategy once more.Think of it this way: If your hand is decent short-handed it's a monster heads-up.Start making the money in the majority of events Sit and Gos have been one of the most popular segments of online poker for years thanks to their fast tournament style. .Continuation bets usually work because its very difficult for good players to bet into or re-raise the pre-flop raiser without a very strong hand.If you have a premium hand by all means bring it in for a raise.Your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone.This is approaching push-or-fold time for everybody.The difficult part for other players is trying to decide when you havent hit if youre almost always betting into them.They may look like decent hands but they're a trap for most players.At some sites Hyper Sit and Gos only increase the blinds at a 5-minutes clip.The blinds are 20/40.Play conservative and avoid trap hands I call the early rounds anything up to the 50/100 blind level.At this stage of the game, hands go up dramatically in value any two picture cards, any ace and any pair should be played positively.
If you do get called there are few situations that will make you a prohibitive underdog.