Strong bad poker

Closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and moves his hand over his face in a seductive manner.
Calmly, shaking his head That was me saying "all in".
Strong BAD: Hey dork, hey dork, hey dork!
MAX: Um, maybe you dq8 baccarat treasures have combien de boules au loto me confused for someone else.People have been making money on our exploits for decades.Strong BAD: Ha, right!Maybe you have to knock three times on the skull of a dead hobo in the bushes, perhaps.THE heavy: Strong and Bad, how is boxing career?You are RED team.Strong BAD: You'd know exactly what to do here if you used Strong Bad's Ultra System for Perfect Pokering.Strong BAD: Looks like you're gonna have to fooooooold.Strong BAD: I'm not going to even count how much that is, because I call, and I don't care anymore.Strong BAD: Right now, somebody at the table should exhibit a painfully obvious tell.Strong BAD: Lader, hoser!
MAX: Because Sam, Flint, and I caught him trying to stuff a chimpanzee into his napsack, and made him cry for his mommy.

Check OUT more ».Then, I rip off all his fingers, one by one!Strong BAD: These cards are like the ladies: they wish they were getting played.Strong Bad Folding, strong BAD: The river!Unintelligible edit Strong Bad Betting strong BAD: Be'in'!THE heavy: A tiny bet the size of the tiny Heavy.Strong BAD: I call.Strong BAD: Ouch, man.Strong BAD: Don't hurt yourself there, Comrade Smart-insky.It is still also available on-demand from the Poker Help screen.Points toward Tycho You're a girl.Marzipan is always walking around au-natural trying to get everyone to play no-loser Candy Land.I guess I could join your team of ruthless killers and lame hat-wearers and watch you get grenaded by eight year olds.Strong BAD: I'm calling!IT'S MY victory song!
Another enthusiast, I presume?