Tribe of pok

Day/Night and Seasonal cycle, winters can be harsh with below-freezing temperatures, so keep the camp fires going to prevent hypothermia.
Diplomacy Discovery, a doritos roulette prix unique diplomacy system where foreign tribes will initially judge you based on appearances.
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You manage a tribe of hunter-gatherers, helping them survive and thrive in a savage world.Plants are harvested for their produce, animal carcasses are butchered for materials and rocks are broken down to make tools.It's all part of the deep simulation that drives Tribe Of Pok.Summers aren't much better, with the possibility of heatwaves causing strokes.Inicio, pC, pS4, xOne, switch 3DS, pS3, x360.Some tools are even capable of performing several tasks.In essence, Tribe of Pok is a tribal survival simulation/strategy game inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress and the Cultures series.Temperature and humidity are affected by the time of day and season.As you become more prosperous, rival tribes will take notice.Wii U iOS, android, videos, foros eSports, portada, noticias, videos.

Análisis World War Z, juegos 3djuegos.L.Sign up for the newsletter to get updates.Ficha, análisis, noticias, artículos y reportajes, videos.Trucos, todos los Juegos, top100, lanzamientos, tribe Of Pok.Craft the Tools of Survival, craft spears to defend against wildlife and other tribes, axes to cut down trees and awls to make clothing.Click here to see them.Use up all the water in a pond and it will be dry until the rains return.About This Game, tribe Of Pok is a tribal survival strategy game featuring a deeply simulated environment.For predators, this means hunting other animals when hungry.Craft the Tools of Survival, craft spears to defend against wildlife, axes to cut down trees and awls to make clothing.Build pits to slow down this process.

If your actions annoy them too much, watch out for raiding parties that will come to destroy you.
The stone knife speeds up fire creation, but can also be used as a weapon in a pinch.
Simulated Natural Environment, the natural environment is heavily simulated.